Authorisin letter giving power to Municipality Corporation and NAC regardingg COVID-19_19.04.2020 Authorision letter to Sarpanch and GPs and giving them power of Collectors GoO_19.04.2020
COVID 19 related FAQ on CSR_10.04.2020 Extension of Lockdown_01.05.2020
Extension of Lockdown_09.04.2020 Extionsion Notification of GoM.pdf_15.04.2020
Extnsion of Lockdown_13.04.2020 Govt of Odisha Order related functioning of Govt Department as per instruction_11.04.2020
guidelines issued for measures taken for containment of COVID 19_04-30-2020_GoM letter to all Collectors and DM regarding protocol to be followed for COVID 19 of Migrant workders_ 05-13-2020
Letter to all Press Repoters to maintain much care while disseminate the CORONA news in social media_12.05.20 MHA Order Dt. 17.5.2020 on extension of lockdown till 31.5.2020 with guidelines on lockdown measures
Minutes of the Review meeting with SPMU Vjy_held on 07-3-2020 at ITDA RCVM Odia translation of Letter regading provision for migrants returnee from outside27.04.2020
Odisha Guideline for Screening of HIV for Migrants_02.05.2020 Order by Ganjam Collector regarding measures of COVID 19
Regarding Registration Proceedure of returning people from Other state_23.04.2020 Revised-guideline-extension-lock-down-all-COVID19-containment-Zone-30-06-2020
SRC letter to all collectors and municipal commissioners_01.05.20 Supreme Court Writ Petition for safty of health workers in COVID 19_08-Apr-2020
Technical-guideline-for-quarantine-centre_11.05.2020 GoO Temporary Medical Camps at different GP_06.05.2020